Upcoming Events from September 2015
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7.30pm, 9th September 2015, Live Art Development Agency, London

7.30pm, 2nd September 2014, The South Bank Centre and The Courtroom at Toynbee Studios

In this live art and digital performance, artist Katherine Araniello will host, on stage, the most audacious dinner party to date. She will be appearing in two London-based venues simultaneously, creating a spectacle of chaos and disorder. She will exploit and subvert clichéd expectations of disability to absolute fever pitch and do her utmost to control her surroundings. Meanwhile, the butler and her personal assistant have access to unlimited alcohol and her guests’ babble becomes intoxicating. This dinner party is irrefutably unlimited!

‘Unlimited Mayhem!’

"From the moment Katherine Araniello, with her shock of orange hair, appears and prowls across the stage in her power wheelchair an atmosphere of the surreal descends and the strangest dinner party ever begins. Ms. Araniello's mind is home to a twisted world of the weird and it is let out to play on the Purcell Room's stage..."
Mik Scarlet, Huffington Post
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5th May 2014, The Movers & Shakers Club

Araniello and Finch premier their performance ‘Screw the Taboo’. They adopt a deadpan approach in the execution of their performances and the material is twisted and subverted. Through Karaoke, Blow Me Down, Candy Crushing and Backward Bingo they see the faults and failures of innocence tempting and want to share their findings with the audience in a feeble attempt to screw the taboo.