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Meet the SickBitchCrip Bitches! (2013)

SBC (SickBitchCrip) are currently jigging overseas, apparently somewhere in Canada in a virtual Cripping Cyberspace contemporary online gallery.

Cripping Cyberspace: A Contemporary Virtual Art Exhibition, probably the most accessible gallery in the world. Read all about Sick Bitch Crip ‘Dance’ and experience their latest video. Watch those digitally manipulated Bitches, smash, bang, twist and spin.

SBC's bespoke designs are driven by sickly disability, overindulgence, fags, booze, greed and branding. They have mutated into three entities; Sick, Bitch and Crip. Their crippled profiles are absurdly preposterous and their online presence has gone viral. They are in a complete world of their own, albeit a virtual one.

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